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Anxiety Sufferer?

Group of 4 student graduation

Did you know that anxiety is currently on the rise throughout the UK and there are many things that you can do to immediately take yourself from being anxious to calm?  

NLP is an excellent way that you can manage your state.

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ONE of the best things that you can do is to simply change your language.  If you use past-tense words it helps to tell your brain that the event or behaviour has already happened.
Consider this: "I am anxious" vs "I have been anxious"
Which one feels better?

Published: 07/10/2020

NLP Practitioner

Group of 4 student graduation

We are currently between modules on our INLPTA accreited Practitioner course.

So far the students have learned the basic fundamentals of state management and how they can control their emotions.  We have talked in depth about how we communicate and create our own unique 'model of the world' that we use to live our life from

All of the students are rearing to get back for the second module where they will learn about anchoring and strategies before going on to learn basic modelling concepts.

Published: 06/10/2020

Reboot your life

Group of 4 student graduation

We've completed the first 'Reboot your life' programme and we've presented the certificates to the wonderful group above.

Congratulations to all of the participants who learned some amazing things in order to help them to take control of their lives so that they can live their life their own way.

The 6-week programme covered:
  • Understanding state, controlling our emotions
  • Advanced communication techniques and models including how to be more effective in conflict resolutions and negotiation.
  • Learning about the human needs and how we 'play out' each of these needs through our shadow-selves and archetpyes.
  • How to understand the world from other perspectives and increase the options that we perceive available to us.
We learned the basics of self-development and began to make immediate changes.

Amy, one of the students said "This course has been absolutely fantastic because I have a much better understanding of myself now and I am able to communicate with my children better"  she added "I can't wait to train further and learn more about NLP and how I can use it in my life"

Published: 06/10/2020