Enjoy the benefits of being smoke free - Stop smoking today "

Smoking cessation

Our 5 session (2 hours each) smoking cessation programme is strictly only for those that are serious about giving up the habit of smoking once and for all. It is not to be taken lightly and does not require a great deal of will power due to the tools and techniques used throughout the programme.

The programme is a group based service and is designed in such a way that from day one, you are automatically held accountable to the other participants on the programme. Each session, discusses the progress made since the last one and includes a hypnotic trance to really embed the well-formed outcome of being smoke free. Our programme members are given access to an exclusive WhatsApp and Facebook group which may only contain the attendees of our programme.

The WhatsApp group and Facebook group is designed to allow programme members to communicate with each other and provide on-going support and reassurance to the other members.

Just think for a moment why you might want to quit smoking and what doing that would do for you in the future. Maybe you'd like to buy a new car or go on holiday or simply treat the kids or grand children to a nice day out?

The investment into this programme is just: £295.00 (less than smoking 20 a day for a month)