Become the best version of yourself


Build stronger connections with other people and become the success you deserve to be.

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The Course

Do you want more from your life?
Imagine what you could achieve if you knew you could not fail.

This course is very interactive and experiential to help you with your learning process. You will gain valuable references and experiences from each exercise, because the best learning comes from 'doing'. We will explore who you are, where you currently are in your life, where you want to get to in terms of goals and ambitions and what has stopped you until now.

Delivered in a live face-to-face, classroom environment, you'll be able to safely and confidentially work in small groups to enhance your learning further.
I'm sure we're all fed up with Zoom and online meetings by now.

This NLP Personal Development course is a total of 4-days in length, however for your convenience, it is structured into 2 logical modules of 2-days each giving you chance to practice what you've learned between modules. It's accredited by the International NLP Trainer's Association (INLPTA) so on successful completion of the course, you'll be presented with the certificate.

If you are stuck in a rut and want to make some changes in your life so that you become the best version of yourself and be successful in life, then this course is exactly what you need.

Have you ever started the year by setting "New Year's Resolutions" only to find that they've all but gone a few weeks later? I know I have in the past.
Imagine how good it would feel if you had all the main tools and motivations that you needed to help you stay on track to hit your targets. You'll probably agree that ‘Will-power' often isn't enough of a resource for you to reach your goals and we'll teach you key things that actually work and empower you.

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Who are you and where are you now?

Who are you?
At a first glance, this seems to be a very easy question to answer but, when you dig deep, which we'll do on the course, you get to find out that you're more than you think. You'll begin to understand what makes you unique to everybody else and why you should embrace your uniqueness and use your individuality to empower yourself and grow.

Discover how you create your reality.
We will investigate and explore how you create your version of reality from all the information that you receive from the outside world and represent it to yourself internally. We'll discuss and explore how your reality is most likely different from somebody else's version of reality.

You'll learn how the NLP Communication model works and how to utilise it to improve the way you communicate with yourself and the outside world.

Emotional state, rapport & connections
We will experiment with 'Emotional State' and discover how easily and quickly you can change from one state into a more useful or resourceful state so you feel empowered and able to handle the situation.

You'll learn how to build rapport and stronger connections with other people in a way that is natural yet deliberate. I wonder, what would it be like if you could be on the same wave-length as the other people you were communicating with and the interactions were almost seamless?

Become skilled at using your senses so that you can pick up non-verbal communication cues and clues from the other people you interact with giving you the opportunity to lead the direction of the interaction.

Your Life Your Own Way Leadership Diploma Module 2 image

Taking steps towards your dreams and goals

Enhance & improve your communication skills.
It is a fact that we are always communicating at some level and it is quite impossible to not communicate with those around us. Even if we are not speaking, our body language is producing signals, cues and clues that are interpreted by other people.

In this section of the course, we will investigate the different sensory language types that we can use when speaking and discover how many people tend to prefer a specific communication style in certain contexts

You will learn that communication is not just the actual words that we say but how we say them and the signals our body language produce too. By paying attention to the verbal language and body-language used during conversations you can massively improve the flow of your conversation making them more natural and much easier to understand. Wouldn't that be excellent?

Create well-formed outcomes and goals
You will spend a considerable amount of time learning a powerful model that you can easily apply in all areas of your life to create and set well-formed outcomes and goals. Not only that but you'll learn how to use the “Away from” and “Towards” motivators to keep you on track. You'll discover the importance of asking the question “Why?” and how to leverage the Why into the motivators.

Change tools and techniques
In NLP, there are many different tools, techniques, maps and models and most of them are very easy to use. We'll delve into some of the most useful of them and explain how, by using them, you can change the way you perceive a problematic situation and you'll learn how you can increase the choices that you have so that you can make better decisions from the information that you have available to you.

* Payment options available - Ask us, we are happy to discuss *

Location, Dates & Investment

The Broome Park Estate, Canterbury Road, Barham, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 6QX

A former home of Lord Kitchener
Our courses are held at the historical Broome Park Estate which was established during the reign of King Charles I and has, as its centrepiece, a magnificent Grade 1 listed Mansion House which was completed around 1638 it is one of the finest examples of Carolean architecture in England.

The next Personal Development Diploma is in January 2022 on the following dates
10th - 11th February 2022
10th - 11th March 2022

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* Payment options available - Ask us, we are happy to discuss *


* Payment options available - Ask us, we are happy to discuss *


The following features are included to give you ongoing support, exclusive special offers & bonuses and official recognition of your achievements.

Colour Training Manual

A full colour manual is provided to assist you with your learning. We will work through the manual which contains exercises and learning resources and notes.

Facebook Support Community

On successful completion of the course, you'll have free access to our Facebook group where you'll be able to communicate with other graduates of our courses.

Accredited Certificate

This course is accredited by the "International NLP Trainer's Association" (INLPTA) and on completion of the course you'll be presented with an NLP Diploma certificate.

Live Face-to-Face Training

By now, most of us are bored with Zoom sessions and virtual online meetings. This course is a minimum of 30 hours official classroom training in a physical location with real people.

In the unlikely event of a forced lock-down, the course may be delivered online

Graduate Special Offers

By completing this course, you'll qualify for our Graduate Special Offers. Guaranteeing you the absolute best investment for future courses you might want to attend. Typically 10% better than our Super Early Bird offers.

Coaching & Mentoring

As an additional bonus to you, we'd love to offer 2 private free one-hour zoom-based sessions (Valued at £200). If you need any further assistance. This offer expires 6 months after the course completion date.

* Payment options available - Ask us, we are happy to discuss *