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Kent based NLP Breakthrough Sessions - Your Life Your Own Way

NLP Breakthrough

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An NLP Breakthrough session is a unique and completely bespoke session, tailored specifically to you, that we can spend some time (either ½ Day or a whole day) on to discover and explore the issues that you have so that we can empower you with the tools and resources that you need to remove the limitations and see the way forward. Each breakthrough session will encompass several NLP techniques to help you to integrate the conflicting parts and resolve any internal conflicts that you may have.

During the session, we'll not only be communicating at a conscious level, the unconscious mind will also be involved at many levels because this is where the deep change work takes place. We'll help to let go of the negative emotions around the issues and we will undoubtedly get to the root cause and dig the problems out from there at source.

The session will end by planting new seeds that can grow in place of the old limiting issue that was there before allowing the true you to flourish and blossom. An NLP Personal Breakthrough is ideal for:

  • Improving Relationships
  • Improving your Career Development
  • Improving Physical Health and Well Being
  • Improving Mental & Emotional Issues
  • Acquiring Self Confidence
  • Increasing Self-Motivation
  • Setting A More Useful Direction In Life