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Weight Reduction & Management

Weight reduction & management

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Get the results that you want and reach your target "magic number" with this weight reduction & management programme. This programme is unlike any others and is delivered over a total of 8 private sessions that are specifically designed to take you a step further towards and closer your target weight and new lifestyle.

Each session is progressive and there are certain agreed targets that must be met before returning for the next session. During the sessions, we'll not only be communicating at a conscious level, the unconscious mind will also be involved too because this is where the deep change work takes place. We'll help to let go of the negative emotions around the issues and we will undoubtedly get to the root cause and dig the problems out from there at source.
The hypnotic sessions are recorded and you'll receive a digital MP3 version of them as you go through this transformational programme. This is to provide you with the ability to repeat and review the lessons of each session

This weight Reduction & Management Programme includes:
  • 8 powerful private 1 to 1 client sessions
  • Understanding your current weight and how you can reduce to reach your target
  • Healthy food options
  • Hypnotherapy to communicate to your unconscious mind
  • MP3 recordings of the trance sessions
  • Unlimited access to our Weight Reduction Community for ongoing support and resources
  • An exclusive "I shed those pounds" T-Shirt
  • Client Workbook & Progress record

* Payment options available - Ask us, we are happy to discuss *

The investment into this programme is £849.00 and must be paid in full before the programme starts. No refund is available for this programme
*Note: The results you get will be dependant on you