NLP Training & Workshops

Our training courses are designed with you in mind and provide the best NLP training in the area. The courses are designed to be highly experiential to give you all the internal references that you need. We firmly believe that "The learning is in the doing"

Reboot your life

Personal Development workshop. Run over a 12 week rolling cycle and designed to encourage you to challenge how you live your life, what values and beliefs you hold and who you identity as.

Introduction to NLP

A one-day short course introducing the powerful tools, techniques, maps and models that NLP offers. This course is not accredited however, it will give you something to think about.

Kick start your future

This workshop is designed for teens and young adults. Too many teens and young adults have an incredibly low self-worth and lack of direction.

NLP Diploma

Designed and crafted to give you skills, tools and techniques to improve and enhance your life.

Our Diploma courses are accredited by INLPTA and are conducted over 4-days and give the participants a good understanding of the fundamentals of NLP.

NLP Practitioner

If you want to enhance your NLP skill-set and use it to work with other people then our NLP Practitioner course is an excellent choice.

NLP Master Practitioner

Designed to enhance and extend the our NLP toolbox so that you can use the skills with more artistry and elegance.

Whereas the Practitioner course is very "Prescriptive", the NL Master Practitioner is all about being more refined in the application of NLP.